Between waters and alive of water coloring

Water coloring is an ethereal technique, evaporated lightly.

Depending on how it is worked, loading of the pigments in thickness, adding a lot of water, results are completely different ... Transparency effects give a mirror sensation.

Water coloring often leads the way to future paintings I imagine. It allows for further developments.

Between watercolor and his double on canvass, there is often a different concept, even beyond art (color effects, media, flow...).

Watercolor is nevertheless worked as if it were a self-sufficient support. Its technique gives little room for error. Unlike for a painting on canvass where correcting a color is possible, a shape, a line, are absorbed quickly on watercolors. It forces one to be more effective, because it 's hard to go back. I like this feeling of the brush dipped sharply, this color that spreads, the paper feel, especially when it is thick and crumbly.