Laughter and exploding colors…Fire-eaters, acrobats, lion tamers, jugglers, magicians and clowns…

It’s the circus world in colors!

As a child this magical universe bewildered me and I applauded all clown tomfoolery.

I was fascinated by spectacular movies such as Circus World with John Wayne or Trapeze featuring Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis, followed by more. Each movie contributed to amazement and discovery.

I will always remember Achille Zavatta and his daughter, the famous Popoff, the troup from the Moscow Circus and the Beijin Circus…

Let’s not forget Marceau the mime, a sad clown who could enlighten any silent moment with a single gesture or facial expression.

With small picturesque insertions in my paintings I attempt to rebuild fragments of circus rings and all that is happening simultaneously. They are all flashes of multiple events that cannot be quite fully captured by our eyes.