In this space, everything is set to private. Yet nothing is left to chance. The interior is the subjective space that we build over time, the witness of our lives, the extension of our emotions and everything that makes us reborn.

It is a reflection of ourselves and our ability to overcome trials.

It also brings confinement like on the watercolor "A crocodile under my bed" where a child is held hostage by a dream.

It is also our inner selves, the way we move and how we are moved. Perspective effects then become the translation of our feelings. These areas of breakage are as many ways to translate anxiety or discomfort as a wellness or wholeness.

Like a photograph, framed wide angle on a low angle shot.

Through the looking glass, to solve a mystery, a world of different dimensions which is also a transition to becoming an accomplished man. This interior is playful with color.

And the door is always essential in this escape, inviting us to cross the threshold, and to separate ourselves from the outdoors and also from the Other... It can also be applied to books "they are opened, they are closed, read in all directions, and we then discover, like Ulysses, engaged in a wonderful odyssey, that we are plunged in the heart of humanity, at the heart of our humanity" said Catherine Montluc.

In this inside, it is a hocus-pocus game biter, chicken and the egg, a path to light, a line of flight that is emerging and where the key is looming…