The tablecloths are a fabulous outlet for dinner, all in  all 40 minutes….it starts from a small nothing. Sometimes even a stain. And then the mind wanders, without thinking too much.

Little exercise in style or rather little delirium.

In the restaurant that I use as a canteen, in the evening, to cut my night work, and leave my workshop.

Privileged moment when I find all this little world of sympathetic people.

This tablecloths of paper ( 60 x 60 cm) are a real treasure.A time to imagine between two dishes, a universe.

It depends on what goes on in your head.

When spots on the tablecloth marked the meal, I try to include them. I even play with a trace and transform it.

What I like most is the reaction of people in this neighborhood restaurant where I go often and everyone gets their comments.