The studio

Every artist cherishes this space because it provides breath.

Ideas stem from this place, take shape to become creative works, where madness and doubt intersect, where time stops to make room for another space-time continuum…

The place where everything is allowed. Genuine breathing…

My world is color. Those that define all things, that vibrate and endlessly beget, those that astonish and carry me.

The studio is a world in itself.

It beats with silence and music we find inside ourselves. Joy and sadness are conjugated within its walls to yield all things that are sublimated into paintings.

What makes up a painting is the journey from the initial sketch to the signature.

All ideas included in its creation, those who inspired it…and this multitude of small fragments of happiness or sadness, that’s what we find in a painting…

Patchwork effect. Ode to loneliness, the real one, the one we chose.

Muses are often virtual, they are a figment of our imagination.

When they become real, they carry us and make us grow like albatrosses with wings finally spread. They are like fairies with golden fingers sprinkling vermeil and azure dust on our creations.

My themes are always chosen, never dictated. They have been part of me for close to forty years.

My world…that of brushes and paint tubes.

Caresses of color, continual invitations for revival.